Monday, February 9, 2009

Travel mugs and Sports bottles

I have seen cute travel mugs that people drink their hot cocoa, coffee, water, etc... in with the cute monogram, so I thought I could do that... I found this awesome embroidery paper and tried making some this weekend. I made a travel mug with black and white toile with a J on it for a co-worker's birthday and I made Austin a sports bottle with a "karate boy" including the purple belt with his name on it for Karate. I will have to make more - these turned out so great, the pictures however didn't turn out quite as well, so I will try again and post more pictures.

Here's another travel mug that I made for Austin's teacher for Valentine's Day! She loves pink and green... Isn't it cute?

I added a better picture of Austin's karate sports cup with his purple belt. He just earned his blue belt and so I will be making him a new insert for his cup with a blue belt karate boy!

I also made Aunt Nan and TiJuana a cup so I uploaded pictures of those cups...

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