Monday, February 9, 2009

Fall and Christmas appliques and embroidery

My very first t-shirt that I embroidered was a Christmas ornament ball for Addison and it was actually one the first things that I ever embroidered. I think it turned out great and even Aunt Nan was impressed with my first project. I then made a few other appliques including applique squares with a monogram, and I also found the cutest flower applique and I have made it twice - one with pink and brown daisies and one in red, black and white daises. At Christmas time I monogrammed an outfit I bought for Addison with a large red A in the curlz font - it turned out so cute. I also appliqued a Christmas ornament with red and green polka dots. I made the ornament into an outfit for Ansley (Aaron's daughter) and also as a bib and burp cloth set for my friend Jennifer's new baby Allyson. I did also make a shirt for Austin but only with his name on it in Christmas colors to coordinate with Addison. He is now seven and thinks that appliques are for girls and babies. :) Here are some of the things that I made this Fall and around Christmas time.

I also am including a couple of pictures of Austin & Addison's cousin Grey. I made him a "ball shirt" for his 2nd birthday since he loves balls. :)

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