Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy "Boo" to you - Halloween dress and costume

Aunt Nan, Karen and I got together to design a Halloween dress for our girls. We went to the fabric store and found this pale orange stripe material that would look perfect with our girls (pale) complexions. And then right in the store - it happened - Karen and I came up with the cutest design - an appliqued ghost with appliqued black and white letters that said: "BOO"! We also wanted black and white polka dot bows and trim. The results were fantastic! Aunt Nan made three dresses - one for Addison, Maddie and for a friend's daughter, Victoria. We will upload pictures of the dress as well as pictures of our girls. Also note that the only pictures I can find of Addison in the dress - she is having a come apart... I am also posting pictures of Austin as "Anakin Skywalker" from Star Wars. Aunt Karen made Austin's costume this year and it looks fantastic - so authentic, but then Aunt Karen is a Star Wars expert. Note: she didn't make the fairy princess costume Addison is wearing or Chase's "skateboarder" costume, but we all know she could have. Karen also made Max and Maddie's costumes this year as well, so I will ask her to add those pictures when she has time.

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