Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Britt's birthday t-shirt & new bib

This Wednesday is my little cousin Britt's first birthday so I made him a birthday cupcake shirt with his name on it. I am also posting a picture of Addison's purse dress. I have made several for other little girls but our sweet little girl needed her own purse dress... I am also working on an order for a cute bib and burp cloth set in black with hot pink polka dots for Cambree. I finished the bib last night and it is so cute. I will work on the burp cloth later this week.

Last week's craft show

Last week we had a craft show at work and it was really fun getting to display some of the items that I had previously made for Addison and other friends/customers. Check out some of the items that I made for the show including some 1st birthday cupcake t-shirts, purse t-shirts and a few new designs including a new double fabric applique (I have circles, ovals, rectangles and squares in sizes 2 inch to 6 inch with four different stitches - vintage, satin, lacey and zig zag), a new simple flower applique, a dragonfly and a double popsicle. Plus I also included two pictures of the setup of my booth. It was really fun! I hope to have more craft fairs and I always appreciate your order.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My idea of a fun day!

Today I got to just applique away... and I had so much fun! I made another purse, a birthday cupcake (and will post the dress once I make the bows), a flamingo and flipflops. And what's even more exciting is that my cousin Karen has agreed to start making pillow case dresses and I will take orders for her and decorate them with the applique or monogram of your choice. They are going to be so cute! She is making a sample one in Addison's size (2-3) and one in Maddie's size (4-6/7)in pink seersucker and they will have the cutest pink and white polka dot ribbon ties and trim. I will post pictures soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

t-shirts & towels

This week has been the week of t-shirts and towels. I made two appliqued curlz t-shirts (A & E) out of pink and lime green stripe fabric as well as two curlz monogrammed with dots t-shirt. I also found a cute monogram wizard motif with dots that I used on a two set of towels.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

For our church Easter egg hunt I made Addison a t-shirt with three Easter eggs in coordinating fabrics (pink gingham, pink and green stripe, and lime green gingham) to match her lime green pantaloons. She was very fascinated with her Easter basket and learned two new words at the hunt - "egg" and "basket" which actually sound really close to the actual words. :) Isn't she adorable? (Not that I am a proud Mommy or anything...)

I also monogrammed an outfit for TiJuana's precious little girl Victoria and I am including a picture of her as well.

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Purse on lime green gingham

I love these Sew Childish outfits and am having so much fun making the designs that you choose! My friend Viki picked out the purse for her two daughters to go on the lime 3 pc sets... complete with our favorite font - Curlz. Check out the pictures and contact me if you are interested in your own fabric selection for your little girl's purse.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ice cream cone on a patch

I just love this ice cream cone and I put it on a gingham patch to add more fabric variety and color... Isn't it cute? I couldn't get Addison to cooperate so maybe one day I will upload a picture of her in it. Just as an FYI I did this on a purple gingham set (without the patch) and also the purple double ruffle set (check out the picture)...

Fabric choices

Here are fabric choices for the pale pink double ruffle set and for the pale blue double ruffle set. On the pale pink I will be making a cute purse trimmed with brown gingham and I am still deciding about the blue shirt - possibly a flower or a patch with a monogrammed letter...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bath Towels for the Kiddos

The kids' new towels up close and personal. I couldn't get a wide shot in the bathroom. How does P*ttery B@arn do it? I am thinking of adding a ribbon or decorative tape to the bottom, but I need to find something that is going to withstand a lot of washings. These are cute, but they are more utilitarian than decorative. I am so tired of "That's not my wet towel on the floor!" -Karen

Chic Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels embroidered in the Hanna Font. The next time I do these I will use a contrasting color for the animal print since the black got lost in the pattern. I can't wait to see if my friend Elizabeth K likes these! -Karen

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crown applique

Tonight I made two crown appliques for a friend's little girls so that they will have matching outfits. I just love the vintage stitching on this applique...

Cute train bib

Recently I found some of the cutest fabric for a little boy - blue, green and brown stripe and last night I paired the fabric with blue and green microcheck gingham to make the cutest train bib! Check it out...