Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring/Summer appliques in progress

Since Spring and Summer are around the corner, I started working on some new appliques and designs for Addison and Maddie. This past weekend I made 7 shirts for our two girls! I couldn't believe how productive I was and I had so much fun doing them! I made a circle applique with brown and light teal polka dots for Maddie, a double heart embroidered shirt for Maddie, a circle applique with a pink tutu for Addison and Maddie, and a pink and green lollipop shirt for both girls - which I will add a cute bow too. My favorite thing and the hardest applique that I have done so far was the "crazy daisy". I did two colors on the applique (pink and purple gingham)and embroidered Addison's name across the daisy in purple. It turned out so cute and as soon as I finished it I showed it to her. She is only 18 months old on the 10th but already she likes clothes... She held up her shirt and said, "Me"? and then put her arms up to have it put on her. I couldn't resist and I did take several adorable pictures of her in her new outfit.

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