Saturday, February 21, 2009

My favorite applique

This past weekend Aunt Nan helped me make the cutest cropped ruffle pants for Addison out of pink gingham. It actually is my first actual clothing construction that I have made for Addison. They turned out adorable and the ruffle was easy. So of course I had to make a shirt to match... I found a new applique that is my absolute favorite!!! It is a circle scallop and I love the Empire font inside it. I used pink gingham fabric with a hot pink monogram and lime green for the scallop and I think it looks awesome! I can't wait to put Addison in her new outfit... And the best part is that Aunt Nan is going to make more pants in some new awesome fabric choices that we found last week. I can't wait!

I did put Addison in her shirt tonight for dinner and after dinner she was standing in Daddy's computer chair - isn't she adorable?

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