Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A purse for Anna...

My friend Ginger asked me to make her sweet niece Anna a cute purse outfit for her 2nd birthday. I love this design and think it turned out great! I hope Anna likes it too. :)

Welcome Addison Ann!

My friend Christine just had a new sweet granddaughter and I will say her daughter did a great job in picking out her name... It's Addison! I have had so much fun making bib & burp cloths for her and I have one more set to do soon. I wish I had my machine back when my little Addison was born. But at least I can do things for her now and for others - I love it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twin girls!

Our friends Josh & Gnickie are having twin girls and their shower is this upcoming weekend. I was thrilled when I found out her colors - pink, green & white! So I decided to make her two sets of bib & burp cloths by Saturday. :) I have actually made very good progress mostly because the Whimsy dot font is so easy and stitches out so fast! I still have ribbon, ball fringe (little chenille balls) to sew across the bottom of the burp cloths with the Whimsy dot font and fabric to sew across the Curlz applique burp cloths but hopefully I can get it all done by Saturday. I will upload the finished projects soon.

I just posted the finished products including the basket of goodies for Gnickie & Josh. I think they turned out really cute and I am happy to report so did the parents to be. Yeah!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cute little boy designs

I finally got to stitch out some cute little boy designs that I have been wanting to do! Tonya asked me to do a few things for Grey & Britt and I was very happy to do so... I was able to do an octopus, frog and a crab. The crab is my favorite!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dueling light saber t-shirt and more

I have taken a little bit of a break recently but have a few things to post... First I did a cute crazy daisy t-shirt for Ansley and I hope to see pictures of her in it... :) My cousin Tonya sent me pictures of her cuties in their name t-shirts - so check out Britt & Grey... Finally I found a new design that Austin actually likes and wanted me to do for him... It was of course a Star Wars design - light sabers. It actually comes as one light saber but I used my Sew What Pro and modified the design into "dueling" light sabers. Addison decided to try on Austin's shirt for him and then he finally got to put his own shirt on... Austin's loves his new t-shirt! Success!! I have finally found something that I can make for him. YEAH!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catching up...

Lately things have been really busy at work, at home with Austin finishing up 1st grade (only 2 more days left and he will be a 2nd grader!) as well as sewing projects... I have sadly neglected this blog so I am uploading some of my latest projects and actually forgot to take pictures of several things which were really cute. I have more to do but after I post these pictures it's time for me to get to bed! Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Madeline Loves Shoes

Madeline loves shoes, but don't we all? We bought these cute long shorts with matching scarf belt a while back, but didn't have a top to match. So, of course, we made one! The shoe applique is made from Addison's Christmas dress leftover fabric. She wanted her picture taken in front of the gigantic dandelion, because she thinks its beautiful!