Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dueling light saber t-shirt and more

I have taken a little bit of a break recently but have a few things to post... First I did a cute crazy daisy t-shirt for Ansley and I hope to see pictures of her in it... :) My cousin Tonya sent me pictures of her cuties in their name t-shirts - so check out Britt & Grey... Finally I found a new design that Austin actually likes and wanted me to do for him... It was of course a Star Wars design - light sabers. It actually comes as one light saber but I used my Sew What Pro and modified the design into "dueling" light sabers. Addison decided to try on Austin's shirt for him and then he finally got to put his own shirt on... Austin's loves his new t-shirt! Success!! I have finally found something that I can make for him. YEAH!

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