Thursday, February 26, 2009

Butterfly shirt

Through the help of a fellow blogger I found the cutest butterfly shirt and I couldn't wait until the weekend when I normally do projects to make it... So I made it tonight! Addison was already asleep so I can't post a picture of her in it, but will add a picture of her in her new shirt as soon as I can. I think it turned out really cute!

More train shirts

Apparently it is the week for train shirts... I made two more. I made Grey a shirt to match his baby brother Britt's shirt (Austin & Addison's cousins). I also made my friend Jackie a shirt for her nephew, Robert. Aren't they cute?

What's even cuter are the pictures of Britt and Grey in their train shirts! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My favorite applique

This past weekend Aunt Nan helped me make the cutest cropped ruffle pants for Addison out of pink gingham. It actually is my first actual clothing construction that I have made for Addison. They turned out adorable and the ruffle was easy. So of course I had to make a shirt to match... I found a new applique that is my absolute favorite!!! It is a circle scallop and I love the Empire font inside it. I used pink gingham fabric with a hot pink monogram and lime green for the scallop and I think it looks awesome! I can't wait to put Addison in her new outfit... And the best part is that Aunt Nan is going to make more pants in some new awesome fabric choices that we found last week. I can't wait!

I did put Addison in her shirt tonight for dinner and after dinner she was standing in Daddy's computer chair - isn't she adorable?

This weekend

This weekend I found a shirt that I had made for Addison around Christmas time but it was in with some Christmas fabric and I obviously don't need Christmas fabric right now... It's a name shirt in pink, green and white. I put Addison in it tonight and she wasn't really in the mood to have her picture taken. She actually thought she should have the camera...

I also found the elephant that I had appliqued earlier this winter and I absolutely love it! I will use it to do Alabama t-shirts and Alabama bibs and burp cloths when I can...

Also I made a train shirt for Austin & Addison's youngest cousin Britt. I think they turned out really cute.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring/Summer appliques in progress

Since Spring and Summer are around the corner, I started working on some new appliques and designs for Addison and Maddie. This past weekend I made 7 shirts for our two girls! I couldn't believe how productive I was and I had so much fun doing them! I made a circle applique with brown and light teal polka dots for Maddie, a double heart embroidered shirt for Maddie, a circle applique with a pink tutu for Addison and Maddie, and a pink and green lollipop shirt for both girls - which I will add a cute bow too. My favorite thing and the hardest applique that I have done so far was the "crazy daisy". I did two colors on the applique (pink and purple gingham)and embroidered Addison's name across the daisy in purple. It turned out so cute and as soon as I finished it I showed it to her. She is only 18 months old on the 10th but already she likes clothes... She held up her shirt and said, "Me"? and then put her arms up to have it put on her. I couldn't resist and I did take several adorable pictures of her in her new outfit.

Fall and Christmas appliques and embroidery

My very first t-shirt that I embroidered was a Christmas ornament ball for Addison and it was actually one the first things that I ever embroidered. I think it turned out great and even Aunt Nan was impressed with my first project. I then made a few other appliques including applique squares with a monogram, and I also found the cutest flower applique and I have made it twice - one with pink and brown daisies and one in red, black and white daises. At Christmas time I monogrammed an outfit I bought for Addison with a large red A in the curlz font - it turned out so cute. I also appliqued a Christmas ornament with red and green polka dots. I made the ornament into an outfit for Ansley (Aaron's daughter) and also as a bib and burp cloth set for my friend Jennifer's new baby Allyson. I did also make a shirt for Austin but only with his name on it in Christmas colors to coordinate with Addison. He is now seven and thinks that appliques are for girls and babies. :) Here are some of the things that I made this Fall and around Christmas time.

I also am including a couple of pictures of Austin & Addison's cousin Grey. I made him a "ball shirt" for his 2nd birthday since he loves balls. :)

Travel mugs and Sports bottles

I have seen cute travel mugs that people drink their hot cocoa, coffee, water, etc... in with the cute monogram, so I thought I could do that... I found this awesome embroidery paper and tried making some this weekend. I made a travel mug with black and white toile with a J on it for a co-worker's birthday and I made Austin a sports bottle with a "karate boy" including the purple belt with his name on it for Karate. I will have to make more - these turned out so great, the pictures however didn't turn out quite as well, so I will try again and post more pictures.

Here's another travel mug that I made for Austin's teacher for Valentine's Day! She loves pink and green... Isn't it cute?

I added a better picture of Austin's karate sports cup with his purple belt. He just earned his blue belt and so I will be making him a new insert for his cup with a blue belt karate boy!

I also made Aunt Nan and TiJuana a cup so I uploaded pictures of those cups...